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Stella Artois Beer
Mozzarella Cheese
Mozzarella Cheese
Ballantines Scotch Whisky, 750ml
Ballantines Scotch Whisky, 750ml
Heineken 330 ml
Heineken Beer, 330ml
Bouquet of 20 roses
Bouquet of red roses
Bouquet of 20 tulips
Bouquet of orchids
Arrangement with roses, gerber and freesia
Imperial lilies
Trappista Cheese (Trappista sajt) 1200-1500gr
Trappista sajt
Edamer Cheese (Edámi sajt) 1250 gr
Edami Cheese
Aniko Smoked Cheese (Aniko füstőlt sajt),1450gr
Aniko Smoked Cheese
Pizza Mozzarella (Szarvasi Mozzarella) 1000 gr
Szarvasi Mozzarella
Feta Cheese (Feta sajt) 200 gr
Feta Cheese
President Camembert 90 gr
President Camembert
Sliced Edamer Cheese ( Szeletelt eidámi sajt), 125 gr
Sliced Edamer
Sliced Ovari Cheese (Szeletelt óvári sajt), 125 gr
Sliced Karavan Cheese (Szeletelt Karaván sajt), 250gr
Sliced Karavan cheese
Sliced Smoked Trappista Cheese ( Szeleteltfüstölt trappista sajt) 125 gr
Sliced Smoked Trappista
Sliced Gouda Cheese (Szeletelt Gouda sajt) 125 gr
Gouda sliced cheese
Medve Whip Cream (Medve sajt cream) 125 gr
Medve whip Cream
Mizo Boci Cheese (Boci cikkelyes sajt) 140gr
Mizo Milk (Tej) 1 Liter
Mizo Milk
Soy Milk (Sojatej) 1 Liter
Soy Milk
Mizo Sour Cream (Tejföl) 850 gr
Mizo sour cream
Danone Activia Yogurt (Danone Activia joghurt) 4x125gr
Danone Jogurt
Danone Fruit Yogurt (Danone gyümölcs joghurt) 4x125gr
Danone Activia Yogurt
Danone Strawberry Cream Yogurt (Epres krémjoghurt) 122gr
Danone Strawberry Cream
Milli Mia Family Dessert with Strawberry Sauce 308 gr
Milli Mia